FGA.... Frequently Given Answers !

KAP is a wonderful way to meet with people and it's funny to find out after a while that all have the same questions and most of the time asked in the same order ...


FGA (Frequently Given Answers):


  1. It's a camera
  2. Yes
  3. Taking pictures
  4. Of the scenery below
  5. Mainly for fun
  6. No, the images on Google Earth are taken by satellites and aircraft
  7. A guy in France, in 1888
  8. I can control it by radio
  9. No
  10. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of us across the world
  11. As high as the string will let me
  12. No idea!
  13. Probably
  14. Thanks!
Now, over to you to find the questions !
Thanks to Eric for the answers and to Simon for the list of questions !!!



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