KAP friends
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1 Bernard-Noël CHAGNY
Text in French - KAP and BAP for archaeology
2 Geneviève et Jean-Luc Vansnickt
Text in French - Kite Building technics
3 Geneviève et Jean-Luc Vansnickt (photos)
Text in French - KAP Photo Gallery
4 Emmanuel Colonnier
Text in French - Emmanuel is the French KAP Forum admin.
5 Emmanuel Leconte
A professional KAP-BAP and PAP photographer _ Text in French
6 Ramon Pallarés
Ramon launched in 2008 the World Wide KAP Week - Text in Dutch but this should change soon...
7 James Gentles
One of the most talented Scotish KAPer
8 M PERNES Mickaël
Text in French - Mick is a KAPer from Brittany - Nice panoramas - nice rig
9 Emmanuel de Margerie
Text in French - Manu is an acomplished KAP & PAP commercial photographer and he loves birds.
10 Fabien XIX
Text in French - Nice site, from KAP to genealogy !
11 Christian Becot
Text in French & English - Base to Experiment Create Observe Transmit (BECOT)
12 Michel Dehaye
No Text - Very simple site - Superb and unique KAP shots