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Dan Leigh R8 Delta -...
it was just informative news and thanks for sharin...
Dan Leigh R8 Delta -...
Thanks for this awesome post smiley
Dan Leigh R8 Delta -...
From Bolinas Ridge in California to the Mont St Mi...
KAP & PAP in Rapa Nu...
This article gives the light in which we can obser...
A KAP Shot from Nami...
The post you have given here is really a cool one....
KAPiTA/09 A great in...
I like this post very much, You have defined it ve...
Dan Leigh R8 Delta -...
Nice review on that point you have shared with us,...
A KAP Shot from Nami...
I like this post very much, You have defined it ve...
A KAP Shot from Nami...
Ilove such places all around the world
A few interesting bo...
I agree with you !!

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KAPiTA/09 A great intimate International Kite Aerial Photography symposium....Oct 17-24, 2009
Blog - News
Written by Pierre Lesage   
5 participants from Canada, UK, France, Tahiti and Switzerland, 3 islands, 15 KAP sessions and lot's of fun and flying!
Some lectures and conferences :
  • Bordeaux Wine testing
  • Different type of batteries for what usage
  • Beer testing
  • Carbon vs Fiber glass for speaders
  • Rokkaku Bridles
  • Video downlink
  • Various types of winder
  • Tips to tie a kite
  • Polynesian civilization
  • Eau de vie testing
  • KAP vs AutoKAP
  • How to repackage a RC receiver
  • RAW or JPEG
  • How to save its images : CD HDD etc…
  • Kite lines
  • CHDK and SDM
  • Picavet vs pendulum
Unfortunately the power point presentation of these lectures are not available on line, nor anywhere else…
A very small KAPi but a great one!
From Left to right : Carl Bigras, Pierre Lesage and Nicole Daigle
Group photo of the participants : David Mitchell, Pierre Lesage and Carl Bigras resting in the lagoon after flying kites in 28°C wind…
The InterContinental Bora Bora le Moana Resort was hosting us for this great get together in Bora Bora
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